Leo's Bagels: Olive spread tops at a Wall St bagel shop

in which I order a salt bagel with kalamata olive schmear

3 Hanover Square, New York City 10004
Day Opens Closes
Monday 0600 1800
Tuesday 0600 1800
Wednesday 0600 1800
Thursday 0600 1800
Friday 0600 1800
Saturday 0700 1700
Sunday 0700 1700
Subway Lines
  • R
  • J
  • Z
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5

On the walls of Leo’s Bagels in lower Manhattan, is a proud declaration of “bagels with chutzpah”. It is accurate and appropriately bold.

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  • Black Seed Bagels: High praise for horseradish and honey

    I like bagels, perhaps more than the average person. But I love Black Seed bagels. These bagels are not going to be for everybody, and are quite different from nearby, iconic bagel purveyors. The major distinction comes from the fact that these are Montreal-style bagels. And perfect.

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  • Bagel World: Rocked my World

    I hold bagel recommendations in high esteem. In fact, if you’re looking for a belated Hannukah gift send me your favorite nosh spot with your favorite order. I hold an emphatic bagel recommendation in the highest regard and with almost equal suspicion. As we’ve covered before, bagels are a highly individualistic affair so one eater’s favorite might be the bagel I pass over at an oneg.

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  • La Bagel Delight: Hole-y matters

    Sometimes I just want a decent bagel that costs under $3, a mid-afternoon gluten bomb to pick up my spirits. As a reader of this blog, I can only assume this resonates deeply with you. Thank you for that validation.

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  • Terrace Bagels: Toast masters

    I ordered a salt bagel with jalepeño schmear, but received cheddar and jalepeño instead. Doom, I thought.

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  • Bagelsmith: A proper 3AM bagel

    Bagelsmith is an oft-talked about, though never recommended, place to grab a quick nosh. The bagels are decent and the schmear selection is appropriately wide, reaching into various vegan/tofu flavors. In spite of the heavy foot traffic from the nearby Bedford L, the ‘smiths are all quite nice and willing to entertain most bagel requests. The major innovation/appeal of Bagelsmith is that they are open 24 hours a day, encouraging nocturnal visits to Bageldom.

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